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about Dennis Hawthorne

  Dennis Hawthorne
Owner and CEO
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Among the many diverse people and businesses that surround the East Flatbush community, one name seems to be more respected.  Dennis Hawthorne, owner of a high profile shipping company called Dennis Shipping, is the most prominent figure in the East Flatbush community. 

A native of Jamaica, he was born in Grange Hill, Westmoreland.  His early education began at the Grange Hill Primary School.  After leaving school, with his love of the camera, Dennis started a photography business in Savanna-La-Mar at the young age of nineteen.  In 1985 Dennis migrated to the United States and established residence in Brooklyn, New York, where he began his first business called Dennis Photography & Shipping.  He did a course in Photography and Design Art at the New York Institute of Photography.  His career as a photographer was quite successful, with works reflective of a master artist.  Despite his success and growing popularity, Dennis Hawthorne decided to focus his energies on the business of shipping. 

Dennis is not only an accomplished photographer and CEO of one of the largest Caribbean-American shipping company, but has also made a name within the East Flatbush community as a great humanitarian.  His commitment to the development of the East Flatbush community is immeasurable, and his humility is a model.  In his own words, “Success is not the amount of money or the level of Education that makes you successful, but rather the people that benefit, beyond your families and friends, as a result of your accomplishments.”

Mr. Hawthorne is dedicated to outreach programs that are local, national and international in scope, where he has not only donated significant monies, but gives vigilant support.  These include the East Flatbush Friends Education, Caribbean American Outreach Association, Children Outreach of Jamaica, Kings Highway Development Project, many local churches, senior civic organizations, and schools. 

His commitment and unwavering services and dedication to the community has earned him numerous awards and accolades such as:  The Consulate General of Jamaica Award for Outstanding Benevolent services to Jamaica and the Caribbean Communities. The Congressional Record Award, Proclamation from Westchester County Board of Legislators, Assemblyman Nick Perry’s Distinguished Business Leadership Award, Upliftment Jamaica International Service Award,  Caribbean-American Chamber of Commerce Business Visionaries Award, Citation from the Borough President of Brooklyn, Una Clarke’s Father of the Year Award, The Young Gifted & Black Award, The 67th Precint Community Council Award, Caribbean Gospel Award for Outstanding Community Service, Freedom Hall Church of God Award, Jamaica Organization of New Jersey (JON-J) Excellence Award, International Association of Lions Club Award,  Kiwanis Club Award, just to name a few.

Today, this home based business, which is now located at 1124-28 Utica Avenue in Brooklyn and 4354 White Plains Road in the Bronx, has become the leader in providing safe, reliable and quality services in the Tri-State area and the Caribbean.  His reputation among his peers, political associates and neighbors is one of honesty and integrity.  While Dennis Shipping became an innovative and successful business locally and internationally, its founder and owner grew to become a central figure in the areas of community development and enhancement. 

Overall, his effect on the Caribbean community is exemplified as being unmatched, in as humble a way as possible. 


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