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our company profile - vision and leadership

In 1988, Dennis Photography and Shipping was started as a home-based photography and shipping business by Dennis Hawthorne and was registered at 91st E 32nd St., Brooklyn NY. Four years later, with the encouragement and support of valued clients, Mr. Hawthorne further established an office at 324 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

Proven performance and added value resulted in producing loyal and committed clients. This further encouraged Mr. Hawthorne, two years later, to move to 259 Rogers Ave., Brooklyn. Both the photography and shipping businesses placed great demands on Mr. Hawthorne. As such, Mr. Hawthorne's desire to serve the people in his community made him place greater focus on the shipping business, and thus Dennis Shipping was born.

Today, Dennis Shipping has offices throughout the Caribbean and the Tri-State Area. Many clients of Dennis Shipping are a result of long-standing repeated business relationships built over the last fifteen (15) years. Perhaps the best way to describe the unique qualities and commitment of Dennis Shipping is from the clients themselves.

Following are a few comments from our customers:

Ms. Joan Williams, Canarsie "I can depend on Dennis Shipping to get my goods to Jamaica without having to worry. As with other companies, I have had to worry whether or not my goods will get there damaged or late. Not so with Dennis Shipping!”

Mr. Oswald Jones, Flatbush "I have been shipping with Dennis Shipping for the past five years and I have had no regrets. Dennis is a man you can talk to".

Where honesty and good sense prevails, growth is inevitable. In June 1997, Dennis Shipping bought its property and constructed an office space with warehouse and parking facility at 1124-28 Utica Ave, Brooklyn NY. Today, this location serves as the headquarters of Dennis Shipping. The office is fully computerized with a state-of-the-art shipping and tracking system. Our products and services include:

  • Empty Barrels
  • All size boxes
  • Wrapping & packing supplies
  • Customs Clearance
  • Online Tracking

Our fleet of trucks services the Tri-State area (NY, NJ and CT) and surrounding areas such as Virginia (VA), Rhode Island (RI), Philadelphia, Washington DC, Maryland (MD), Massachusetts (MA), etc. We also have independent drivers and companies that consolidate with us to ship to all parts of the Caribbean. Dennis Shipping has offices based in many Caribbean Islands and has intentions of continuing its growth in the shipping business to further provide our customers with the quality service and reliability that they deserve.

Dennis Shipping has a diverse staff from almost every Caribbean Island who are here to serve the needs of our customers efficiently, professionally and successfully.

Dennis Shipping is licensed under NVOCC and FAA (Air Shipments). We at Dennis Shipping are committed to excellence.

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